To make an appointment

Team Diabetes (Geelong, Gippsland and Melbourne) is a private fee for service specialist clinic. Each patient must have a valid referral before being seen in order to claim a Medicare rebate. We require the referral to be faxed to the practice (52227517) to ensure it is appropriate and that you receive the service you expect and deserve.

After the referral is faxed, please phone our staff (52227721) to make the appointment.


A referral from a general practitioner is valid for 12 months and must be renewed for ongoing management or if a new problem arises in order to claim the Medicare rebate. A referral from a specialist is only valid for 3 months. As Type 1 diabetes is not curable, the management by a specialist team as recommended by the NH&MRC will be long lasting so you may wish to discuss the provision of an indefinite referral from your general practitioner.

We expect an Enhanced Primary Care (“EPC”) referral for team management care for 4 visits per year to Jenny Goss, Credentialed Diabetes Educator. Please discuss this with your general practitioner prior to your first appointment. This “EPC” will be valid for 2 calendar years.

Fees and rebates

The fees are based on a discounted AMA recommended fee. We require payment on the day of consultation. Payments may be made by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

A discount fee is given to pensioners and holders of a family health care card.

Our practice provides online Medicare claiming to enable the Medicare rebate to be returned to your nominated account at the time of payment on the day of consultation.

We post practice information and fee structure to all patients prior to consultation.

School visits (on site) will be charged to the school as Professional Development in 2016 at $200 (plus GST) per visit. Telehealth consultations to schools will be charged to the school at $100 (plus GST) per session.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. Closed on public holidays.


Sometimes the use of telemedicine can be useful for short term follow up of some conditions. To be eligible for bulk billing of these consultations there must be written consent, the patient must be more than 15km away and the video link (including Facetime or Skype) must be taken from an area in an eligible location.